Harmonic Northwest
Hey everybody! Here's the big announcement: I'm opening up a full-service web shop. As of *right now* Harmonic Northwest, LLC is officially open for business!
I've been busy the past couple of months meeting with a lot of designers and developers building up a network of people who can help me out on projects. I have assembled a very talented group and am excited to start working with them! Between the all of us, we've got the skills to do just about any kind of web site.
A few of the services offered by Harmonic Northwest:
Web design and development
Email marketing
Coding services - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
So that's really the gist of what I wanted to say. I'll add a few more things below for those interested in learning more, but if you've got other things to do, you can go on with your day and rest assured that you have read the important parts of this message. I'm really quite happy that you made it this far. :)
Get in touch if you have any questions! And feel free to forward this message to anybody else who might be interested in hearing about the new web shop in town.
Gage Choat
Harmonic Northwest, LLC
About me
I am a front-end developer fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Flash. I'm a big fan of WordPress. I'm good at working as the middle layer between designers and back-end developers. I also design (this email, for example.)
I've been in the world of web design and development for about ten years now. I've spent the past year at CMD Agency, mostly working on Intel projects. I've had stints at Hanlon Brown, Kaiser Permanente and Ensequence. I helped develop online personal health record systems with Regence and (now-defunct) Omnimedix. I've worked with many other clients that aren't as cool to name-drop. And I lectured at WebVisions 2008.
Harmonic Northwest on the web
I have a web site up at It has a blog that I don't use much. It has a small portfolio that doesn't adequately reflect the vast number of projects I've worked on in my various jobs. I will probably feel inspired to put up a fancy site when I can show off some completed Harmonic Northwest projects.
I offer discounts to local non-profits. If you know of any charitable organizations that could use some web help, pass this message along to them.
Harmonic Northwest